All events will take place in the Hatch Recital Hall unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, November 8

9:00am–9:45am Coffee and breakfast in the Wolk Atrium (adjacent to the Hatch Recital Hall)

9:45am–10:00am Conference Welcome

10:00am–12:10pm Instruments in Theory/Theories as Instruments

Stefano Mengozzi (University of Michigan), Chair

Etha Williams (Harvard University), “La femme clavecin?: Marie-Angélique Diderot, the Leçons de Clavecin, and the Engendering of Music Theory” (abstract)

Zhuqing (Lester) Hu (University of Chicago), “Loss in Conversion: Zithers, Organs, and Fourteen-Tone Temperament in the Global Music Exchange in Eighteenth-Century China” (abstract)

Karl Braunschweig (Wayne State University), “From Language to Literature: Changing Roles of Reduction in Historical Music Theory” (abstract)

Scott Gleason (Oxford University Press), “Historical Music Theories as Instruments in David Lewin’s Music Theories” (abstract)

12:10pm–1:20pm lunch on own

1:20pm–2:40pm David Catalunya, Keynote Lecture-Demonstration, “Instruments of Theory and Theory of Instruments in the Late Middle Ages”

2:40pm–3:00pm break

3:00pm–4:30pm Theories of Instruments

Alice Clark (Loyola University New Orleans), Chair

Leon Chisholm (Deutsches Museum, Munich) “From Voice to Keyboard: A Tale of Two Ecologies” (abstract)

Rebecca Cypess (Rutgers University), “Basso continuo at the Harpsichord in Early 17th-Century Italy: Recovering Traces of Embodied Knowledge” (abstract)

Bryan Parkhurst (Oberlin College) and Stephan Hammel (University of California-Irvine), “On the Timeliness of a Marxist Organology” (abstract)

4:30pm–5:00pm break

5:00pm–6:30pm Alexander Rehding, Keynote Lecture, “Global Thoughts on Music-Theoretical Instruments”

6:30pm–8:30pm Dinner Reception in Wolk Atrium, sponsored by the Journal of Music Theory and the Heyman Center for the Humanities at Columbia University

8:30–10:00pm David Catalunya, Clavisimbalum Concert, “Faenza 117: Virtuoso Keyboard Music in Fourteenth-Century Italy”

Thursday, November 9

8:00am–9:00am Coffee and breakfast in the Wolk Atrium (adjacent to the Hatch Recital Hall)

9:00am–11:00am Instruments of Theory

Thomas Christensen (University of Chicago), Chair

Elizabeth Lyon (Cornell University), “Instruments of the Affections in Jean Gerson’s Tractatus de Canticis” (abstract)

David E. Cohen (Columbia University), “The Tensed String, the Intent Ear: Combative Instrumentalities in a Founding Myth of Western Music Theory” (abstract)

Joon Park (University of Arkansas), “Calligraphy as a Conceptualizing System of Traditional Chinese and Korean Musical Pitches” (abstract)

Abigail Shupe (Colorado State University), “The (Scientific) Instruments of Rameau’s Music Theory” (abstract)

11:00am–11:15am break

11:15am–12:45pm Gabriela Currie, Keynote Lecture, “Instrumental Globalities: Object, Thought, Practice in Pre-modern Eurasia”

Friday, November 10

AMS Evening Session: Instruments, Diagrams, and Notation in the History of Music Theory (8:00pm–11:00pm)

Andrew Hicks (Cornell University), Chair

Lars Christensen (University of Minnesota), “Musical Diagrams as Instruments of Strategic Simplification in the Northern Song Dynasty” (abstract)

Stephanie Probst (Harvard University), “Following the Lines on Percy A. Scholes’s ‘AudioGraphic’ Piano Rolls” (abstract)

Jennifer Iverson (University of Chicago), “At the Intersection of Acoustics, Phonetics, and Music: The Mixtur-Trautonium as Boundary Object” (abstract)

Siavash Sabetrohani (University of Chicago), “The Oud as the transmitter of Ancient Greek Music Theory in the Middle East” (abstract)

Alexander Bonus (Bard College), “Refashioning Rhythm: Hearing, Acting, and Reacting to Metronomic Sound in Nineteenth-Century Observatories, Laboratories, and Beyond” (abstract)